Our Story

After working for several years in the current health care industry, we realized the lack of preventative care offered to people. In today’s world, we tend to get treatment once we are already showing symptoms of dis-ease.

What if we had the chance to take care of ourselves before we got sick and prevent all of our discomforts?

Asking ourselves that very question, we decided to open a place for those who want to heal themselves before it’s too late and enjoy a fuller, healthier lifestyle.

Identifying the need for a less clinical setting, we have combined efforts and created a place for all people to come in and take charge of their emotional and physical needs in a relaxing atmosphere.

Our Approach

Here at Heal Thyself we focus our approach on three vital areas: body, mind and spirit. We believe that a combination of the three can achieve the ultimate well-being we all seek


  • "They are simply awesome. Customer service was great. Prices are reasonable. My massage was amazing. Went on my lunch break, best decision ever!"
    Tam Taylor
  • "Lala has helped me tremendously! My health improved immediately."
    Daniel P. David
  • "Lala is one of the most knowledgeable, compassionate beings in the industry! She takes her time with you to make sure you are comfortable and provides you with detailed follow-up instructions to make sure you are maximizing the benefits for your session. Looking forward to my next appointment already!!"
    Connie Lee
  • "AMAZING! I left feeling like my spirit, mind, body, and soul was just lifted to the heavens"
    Ralph Barber Jr.
  • "Lala is extremely knowledgable and helpful and she is genuinely passionate about helping her clients lead a healthier lifestyle."
    Sharline M.
  • "Came here to help with my liquid detox. I did three sessions of colon hydrotherapy, V-steam, foot detox, biomat. Before my visit to Heal Thy Self I was experiencing headaches, nausea, bloating and I had not menstruated. The next day after using the biomat, I had my cycle back. The colonics helped me loose a couple inches from my waist. Lala was very helpful with helping me identify the toxins that were released from my body."
    Whitney Fuller
  • "Wow. What a find! I originally went in for a colonic service and ended up learning about their massages and facials. Next thing you know, I treated myself to a whole spa day! The staff are extremely knowledgable and caring. Make sure to get a wellness consultation from Lala. Also ask for their package deals for the best price. You will come out knowing so much more about your body!"
    Zahra Tempeste

Package & Pricing

Well being and relaxation are a quest that requires dedication. Our spa offers more exhaustive experience to help you find inner peace.

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Our Services

Recognizing that healing comes in many forms, our spa offers a vast array of modalities to help clients meet their physical and emotional needs.

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