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Reflexology & Aromatherapy

Discover our range of reflexology and aromatherapy services.

Reflexology Extended

$85- 60 minutes with hand reflexology
Reflexology is an ancient therapy that addresses the whole body through the feet. Natural occurring build-up in the feet is gently broken up to free the nerve endings that supply to the rest of the body. It gently detoxifies, boosts circulation and balances the body.


$55- 30 minutes
An abbreviated version of our 60 min service focuses on the feet, eliminating build-up and freeing the nerve endings to supply nourishment to the entire body. Therapeutic, detoxifying and deeply relaxing.
A 30 min service pairs well with Ionic Foot Detox Bath

Relaxation. Tailored to your needs

Step into serenity and rejuvenate
Wellness Services

Wellness Services

Our wellness services range from the Angel of Water colon hydrotherapy system to our foot detoxes, amethyst biomat therapy and v-steams.

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Facial Services

Facial Services

Enjoy a wide variety of organic facials suited for every skin type, from sensitive to normal. Each facial will come with a consultation from the esthetician to determine the best therapy.

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Massage Services Heal Thyself Atlanta Spa


Our massages help achieve the ultimate relaxation and physical balance you strive to gain. So let our skilled therapists provide you with a uniquely tailored experience to improve your day.

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